2014 Brockport Arts Festival
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NOTE: Photos shown in 2013 archive here were taken as independent, not officially commissioned. Editorial & stylistic decisions here represent my own, not BISCO's

How many shots did you take?

I returned after the 2-day event with 4 memory cards from 2 camera bodies containing 2200 images totaling 12 GB. After editorial selection and post-production processing, I released a curated set:

  • 52 shots as highlights,
  • 44 supplemental shots,
  • 33 duck derby shots
  • 18 in Lakeside Country Clogger series
  • 9 in The Swooners series, plus
  • 15 presentation collages.

Total: 171. They actually represent about 220 shots, as many released pictures contain insets.

How many megapixel?  (not how I'd  frame it, but it preserves the wording of inquirers)

The raw camera files are 18 megapixel. My final releases for this project are in 2.1 megapixel 16:9 aspect ratio 1080p standard. There are 4 generated previews with lower resolution. A select few shots are also made available in original resolution to the organizer only, upon request.

Why so many pieces of camera gear?

Actually I didn't carry that many:

  • 2x APS-C bodies
  • 3x fast lenses (f/1.8 and f/2.8)
  • 1x GN58 HSS eTTL flash
  • radio trigger for flash
  • small 12"x12" softbox
  • monopod

That's my basic event coverage configuration. They're just conspicuous on a harness & waistbelt system, versus packed into a camera bag. With this setup, I have full artistic freedom and plenty of redundancy.
Tactical System = Superior Comfort & Accessibility

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How much do they weigh?

On day 1: 17.3 lbs* of photography gear, excluding phone, watch, water bottle & clothing items. Day 2: reduced by 1.2 lbs

Why is there no coverage of the car show?

It's at a separate (nearby) venue and only during day 1. The long gap I had between high priority events & planned meet-ups occured when I was at the extreme wrong end. I decided to skip it this year, as I have already covered many of them in years past.

* I'm actually trained for 55 lbs load 6 miles 2 hours endurance. Practically, for optimal shoot performance, I carefully configure each set in the range of 17~22 lbs, with secondary gear beyond that stowed away at "base camp" (the host/organizer's suite/tent/booth). It's especially important for extended period outdoor shoots (8 hrs + 5 hrs in this case).

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